The best night of my life. I finally got to meet the men I have idolized for years. I met a lot of wonderful people who stuck it out with us for HOURS (over 24 to be exact) on end, the cold, and chaos just to be able to see the people perform we all share a wholehearted love for. It was amazing. And I thank them for that. :)
I had the experience of meeting them, and hugging them as well. They are all such adorable sweethearts. I gave Ville my Poe doll and he seemed to adore it as he laughed and showed Mige. But one of the best parts was to watch my love meet them and cry tears of joy from sheer happiness and watch her sing along to every word.
All in all, that night will forever be engrained within my memory for the rest of my years. It was perfection at it’s finest.